About us

IZI is a digital mobile operator. Instead of service offices, we have the app. Instead of Call centers, we have 24/7 support chat

IZI has no monthly fee, and you build a bundle by yourself.

Do you only need the Internet? Buy Internet only.

Do you only want to make calls? Buy calls only. Gigabytes, minutes, or SMS won't burn up unless you use it all.

But IZI is not just a mobile carrier.

New content appears in the app every day. DJ sets, and music selections for every taste. Podcasts with Kazakhstani stars, iconic mobile games, movies, and popular shows from all around the world. And by the way, you can get hooked on a new TV series even if you're not an IZI subscriber.

That's cool, right? :)

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Mass Media about us

First entertainment operator

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IZI pays in bonuses

How to earn from entertainment and exchange bonuses to mobile connection


30 mobile apps made in Qazaqstan

IZI mobile is one of the leaders in the domestic mobile application market


Music that creates the mood

IZI and MANSHUQ editors gathered musicians' advice on creating a New Year’s mood with music


Technologies that help

IZI and Village have collected stories on how to help the older generation to master new technologies


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